Doom Nvim

Those who know me, probably already know that Doom Emacs has been my daily driver for a last years now.

and that recently neovim has piqued my interest.

I already wrote about Lunar NVim

Today I discovered Doom-Nvim

Port of (sorta) Doom emacs to neovim ecosystem.

What is not to like ? 😄

As I wrote in Lunar NVim post, I am happy with Doom emacs. But this might make me switch back to (n)vim 😄

But seriously, I have used it only for couple of hours 1

Things I miss

There may be equivalent for both of these in neovim ecosystem, I just have not looked yet.

So while I won’t switch away from Doom emacs tomorrow, there is a high chance that I’ll look for equivalents here, and give an honest try to make this my new IDE

But I find this more aligned with my muscle memory, so I’m definitely switching away from Lunar NVim

(Ironically, I found out about Doom Nvim in a reddit thread reviewing Lunar Nvim 😆

  1. I wrote this entire entry in Doom-nvim. Talk about meta! ↩︎