.NET Package Management

I recently started writing C# code at work. While I can read and understand the sample code (and modify partially per my requirement) I still trip up by new-ness (to me) of the ecosystem.

So while I intuitively understand that using is equivalent of require in Ruby (or import in python), I didn’t know which ones are “standard library” and which ones are not.

The sample code worked with standard library, but writing to Azure Service bus requires external library. Just adding using Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus is not enough. One also needs to install the package.

.NET has packaging system called NuGet, but irrespective of the name, there is intuitive dotnet command line program to manage the packages.

I’ve added the TL;DR version of the commands on my PKM

Search for dotnet (I can share the direct link here, but since Dendron URLs contain note-ids which are UUIDs, they are likely to go out-of-sync, hence searching is better.)