Interruption is the Enemy of Productivity

Yesterday, I listened to the episode of rework podcast, titled Interruption is the Enemy of Productivity 😄

The link has full transcript of the episode, or listen via your favourite podcast app.

Some quotes (edited little to make sense) from the episodes :

people know that the time they get the real “work done” is when they don’t have the interruptions.

If that time only exists outside of work, that is where they will find it. So it’s early mornings, it’s late nights. It’s weekends. It’s a lot of the overwork

[work is] pushed into the margins because the main bulk of the working hour is just jammed full of these interruptions.

You can’t get work done at work, that the hours you actually, have dedicated to sit in front of your computer are eaten by the interruptions.

Coordination is work too ….. It’s not the nourishing work.