Interesting Netlify Build Problem

After build problems with my PKM site, today I ran into another problem with this site.

What puzzled me was Deploy showed Build step failing but no useful error (other than exit code 2 - which does not help much)

But in the process of debugging, I learnt 1 about the environment variable NETLIFY_BUILD_DEBUG (set to true when needed) It did not help 😞

I also upgraded hugo version (which is another environment variable) in the process.

That did not either.

For some reason, I looked inside Deploying stage- which was shown as Complete in green font with a tick mark next to it. ()Building step OTOH was shown as Failed in red font with cross mark next to it.)

Deploying had following error in it

Invalid filename ’tags/c#/page/1/index.html’. Deployed filenames cannot contain # or ? characters

There you go. (This was not a problem locally though 🤷‍♂)

I changed the tag from c# to c-sharp and all was well 😄

  1. Relevant part of the Support Guide ↩︎