Nu Shell

Earlier I wrote about various utilities written in rust. Nu shell is one of the most important of them (It is an entire shell after all, not just single utility)


Turns out I had installed nu-shell earlier, but via macports

and I had forgotten about macports (and nu shell)

Mysterious upgrade failure (Or so I thought)

When I installed nu-shell via brew I got the latest version, but nu kept invoking older version.

Little digging revealed, it was being invoked from /opt/local/bin, which is not normal location for brew (on Intel macs)

I tried unlinking and re-linking from brew, but did not help.

Mystery solved

That is when I somehow remembered that I may have installed it via port.

Removing port itself took a long time.

port kept telling me to selfupdate which kept failing due to permissions issue

finally I decided to remove everything including macports itself.

These instructions helped.

I still am unable to remove /opt/local/var/* - I keep getting Permission denied (I’ve given up, for now. May be next reboot will solve the problem)


So finally I got latest nu shell working. Turns out the prompt is ugly. But who customizes prompts these days when they can use starship (which works across shells - so same look and feel is available across shells)

The instructions were straight forward, but I kept getting error around let-env in the file.

Turns out I’m not the only one

To be fair, once you have a stable config, that is tweaked to your liking one does not keep updating the tools (At least, I don’t. That is why my emacs/doom is not updated for 6 months at a time. Same was the case with starship)

Anyway, problem identified is problem solved 😉

So now I have good looking prompt. I can start using nu shell.