Where Are My (Ruby) Gems ?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m trying Lunar nvim starter kit. Latest version of nvim comes with LSP support, and while learning a new language LSP could be really helpful (I think)

I had heard of solargraph. Running :LspInstall in nvim gave me option of sorbet as well. But I decided to stick with solargraph.

nvim was successful in installing solargraph, or so it told me. But it did not work. LspInfo told me that it did not find solargraph Just to be sure I gem install solargraph from the terminal, before I tried to install LSP from nvim again

No dice.

So decided to investigate.

Being new to Ruby, I didn’t know the default location where gems get installed.

In the process, I learnt about gem env where following seemed wrong

 - INSTALLATION DIRECTORY: /usr/local/Cellar/tmuxinator/3.0.1/libexec

Eventually I learnt that I could also use gem env home

I had no idea why tmuxinator would even be in the picture.

So I decided to brew uninstall tmuxinator

I also asdf uninstall ruby (I think I went too far 😆 but I wanted to be really sure)

OK, now I had clean slate.

Now asdf install ruby latest followed by gem env and I got:

 - INSTALLATION DIRECTORY: /Users/mandar/.asdf/installs/ruby/3.1.0/lib/ruby/gems/3.1.0
 ➜ which solargraph

Looks better.

In the process, I also learnt gem which solargraph, which is a bit different (Points to solargraph.rb file, rather than bash script)

Now LspInstall also worked in lvim

But LspStart fails. But with different error. (Investigation and resolution of that in another post)