Obsidian.nvim plugin

After using vim keybindings inside Obsidian, I came across obsidian.nvim plugin that makes working with Obsidian from inside Neovim pleasurable. This is definitely better than vim keybindings in Obsidian 1 But I had not not used neovim in a long time. After I upgraded to Monterey, I had not installed neovim again. So getting it (as in neovim) was a bit of work. But I had my old config saved, so at least I didn’t have to start from the ground floor.

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Obsidian is not new to me. I come across it from time to time, but never paid much attention. That changed when I migrated my PKM site to use Obsidian-zola. Technically, it use Zola, and has nothing to do with Obsidian (for Publishing) The “source” is maintained in Obsidian, but it is just collection of markdown files, which can easily be maintained outside. But then I got Obsidian desktop installed. I used it for making minor edits to markdown files.

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D2 : A modern diagram scripting language

I came across D2 on Mastodon I think. (Like most things. But I can’t find the original toot 🤷‍♂) I used mermaid.js earlier. In fact, I also added mermaid support for this theme. Benefit of Mermaid is that since it is generated by mermaid.js, I don’t need to save and include the image in my blog (and worry about mismatched filename and/or path, resulting into broken image.) On the other hand, not many hugo themes support mermaid, but link to an image is supported by hugo and every other SSG.

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→ Stashpad

I came across stashpad during this Stackoverflow podcast.

What caught my attention was when Cara mentioned

Everyone has untitled.txt open that they use every day

That is me!! 😆

It is really easy. Cmd + N to create a new empty file, and start typing. I use BBEdit for this. I’ve seen my colleagues use Sublime text I have also used Sublime text for exactly that and only that purpose for a long time, since it saves these unnamed files across reboots/application restarts. One less headache. I don’t have to think of what to name the file, where to save it, format (this is easy, I’ll just save it as .txt or .md)

Later I came across BBEdit, which does exactly same, so I switched. My workflow did not change.

Stashpad promises to make the same workflow better.

I have just installed it, and haven’t used it yet.

Ironically, I started typing my thoughts about Stashpad as a Stashpad note, with intention that I’ll copy this into a blog post “later”. But decided that why not directly write it as a blog ? 😆


I had installed Wezterm long time ago. I think when I started looking for alternatives to Alacritty. But I settled on kitty (I think I could not get wezterm to work) Few days ago, I stumbled upon it again, and I wanted to give it a try. So these days, I’m using wezterm as terminal. I specifically liked the built-in multiplexing feature. I haven’t tried it yet 🤷‍

Using Projects With LunarVim

Today I spent some time getting projectile equivalent working with LunarVim At first I went with builtin/core plugin projects.nvim. Enabling it was quite straight forward. I wasn’t sure how to add new project. Then I tried telescope-projects. Even here I could not add new project (Per their documentation, it is Ctrl-a in Insert mode, and just c in normal mode) But I just opened the project root I wanted to work on, and it got added to the list of projects.

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Doom Nvim

Those who know me, probably already know that Doom Emacs has been my daily driver for a last years now. and that recently neovim has piqued my interest. I already wrote about Lunar NVim Today I discovered Doom-Nvim Port of (sorta) Doom emacs to neovim ecosystem. What is not to like ? 😄 As I wrote in Lunar NVim post, I am happy with Doom emacs. But this might make me switch back to (n)vim 😄

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Lunar Nvim

I came across some starter kits for nvim. Earlier I tried adding individual plugins and learning all the nvim basics, but since I’m pretty happy with Doom Emacs 1 But Lunar nvim seems stable and provides a lot of functionality out of the box. 👍 prerequisite page asks to ensure that I have cargo. I knew it a package manager(?) for rust, but didn’t know whether I could install it standalone.

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Dooble Browser

I came across Dooble browser via one of the Hacker news post. The browser use Qt library and thus biased towards Linux. Or so I thought. There is a pre-built dmg file for macOS. It worked well in short test-run I did. I wish there was a way to set it as a default browser, so I could have tested it more thoroughly. FWIW, it did not register itself as a browser with macOS – which seems OS specific requirement.

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Espanso 2.x (Alpha)

While reading the documentation on Espanso’s main site, I noticed a Search bar feature. To be sure, after some time, one is unlikely to remember all the shortcuts one has added, along with ones that came with packages. So search bar is a welcome feature. But shortcut mentioned on the site Alt+Space did not work. I was not surprised, because this key combination triggers Raycast on my machine. So I went looking for way to change the hotkey, and reached an issue which mentioned that search bar is a feature of 2.

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