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Domain Expired : Moved to Netlify DNS

Last night when I wanted to check this site, but I started getting security error related to certificate. But it did not say domain expired. I know Netlify automatically renews the cerificates, so I was confused. But I was too sleepy to troubleshoot. This morning, for some reason I checked my other email account which I almost never use except for domain registrar 😄 The Domain has expired email was smiling at me.

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Interesting Netlify Build Problem

After build problems with my PKM site, today I ran into another problem with this site. What puzzled me was Deploy showed Build step failing but no useful error (other than exit code 2 - which does not help much) But in the process of debugging, I learnt 1 about the environment variable NETLIFY_BUILD_DEBUG (set to true when needed) It did not help 😞 I also upgraded hugo version (which is another environment variable) in the process.

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E/N Style Blog

TIL that this is an E/N style blog I didn’t know that it was 😄 E/N stands for Everything and Nothing The content of this site means everything to the publisher (me) But it may mean nothing to some of the users (at some of the times) Quoting from the origin site The website’s author covers a myriad of topics. It’s not narrowly focused. The author writes about everything or at least everything that’s important to the author.

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What is a micropost ?

You know what makes it so easy for many people to just dump their thoughts into a silo like Twitter instead of writing a post on their own site? You don’t have to come up with a title for your post. Source This site has two types of posts. The normal ones with title and tags. Other are microposts I wrote about them here micropost is simply an entry without a title (and tags)

Gitlab WebIDE

This week I’m travelling for work, and hence carrying only my work laptop. So far all my microblog entries were written from my personal laptop I have option to clone the repo on my work machine, or not publish anything for this entire week (it is not like I publish every day, still ..) I prefer not to clone my perosnal repo on work machine, and missing publishing also something I don’t want.

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Now individual posts too show title, date and tags

After I switched the theme for this blog, for the longest time I had not noticed that when reader is viewing specific post, they do not see the metadata like title, date etc. When I noticed, I tried some time debugging, but couldn’t figure out why this was happening. So like a good developer that I am, I created a github issue so that I can fix it later (and not forget it)

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Year 2022 Review

Blogging I started this blog in Dec 2021, and in year 2022 - I wrote 80+ posts and 8 microposts 🎉 Switched to theme that supports microposts Editor Tried Neovim for few months and went down the rabbit hole Till I found Helix - no/low configuration modal editor Started using Helix Editor exclusively for writing these posts. Still using Emacs for office work Recently I’m using VSCode for work 🤷‍♂ Art Seems like I drew only one sketch (Analog) this entire year 😱 Purchased a graphics tablet (No screen) Still getting used to drawing digitally Social Media Started using Mastodon Also Pixey Although I have not imported my Instagram posts yet Work/Programming Switched (back to) Zsh after using Fish for a couple of years.

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Added GA Support to Indiefeed Theme

I started this blog using indiefeed theme. But soon realized that the original creator has moved on. They have marked the repo as read-only on github. I had already started tweaking it to my liking, but now changes are more than tweaks. e.g. The original theme did not have good image support. i.e. only images used were in the Author profile image, and it has rounded corners/circular shape, which does not work when image is part of the post itself.

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Hugo Modules

Today I spent some more time modifying the IndieFeed theme As I mentioned earlier, I started using hugo modules instead of git submodule from the beginning. One of the downside of it was I could not preview my changes without pushing the changes to github first. Sometimes that might be OK, most times it is not. How do theme developers work in such scenario. Turns out there is a hack just for that.

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