New Car

Today we purchased a new car! Thank you (Here I assume you are congratulating me 😄) It is a great feeling. Some quick thoughts (in random order) The process took about 2 hours, even though we were waiting just 10 minutes for our turn. Tomorrow onward there will be a lot of rush due to Diwali Kids got bored towards the end, when the executive was giving me the demo/explaning the features.

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Domain Expired : Moved to Netlify DNS

Last night when I wanted to check this site, but I started getting security error related to certificate. But it did not say domain expired. I know Netlify automatically renews the cerificates, so I was confused. But I was too sleepy to troubleshoot. This morning, for some reason I checked my other email account which I almost never use except for domain registrar 😄 The Domain has expired email was smiling at me.

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Uninstalled Instagram

Few hours ago, I uninstalled Instagram from my phone.1 Ironically, earlier today I watched a reel on Instagram saying “Instagram is like Chakravyuh, and we are like Abhimanyu. We can go inside, but not come out”.2 I think that made to take this action. I noticed that I had not written much in the entire month of August 2023, and hardly 2 entries in September. While some of it attributes to work pressure, my instagram addiction may be equally responsible.

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Migrating PKM Site : Updates

As mentioned here and later here I recently moved PKM from Dendron to obsidian-zola The original code seems abadoned (No updates in little over a year). I understand this since it is likely built for personal use, and it works for them (FWIW, the demo site itself is not updated for exactly same duration) Turns out people forked it and improved it. At first I tried this fork, renamed as obsidian-zola-plus (as it made it better than the original) This one seemed active (updated little over 2 months ago.

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→ New PKM Site

Finally migrated my PKM from Dendron to Obsidian-Zola

Things I needed to do were :

  1. Remove Dendron specific frontmatter
  2. [In Progress] Restructure flat file names that were like to Development/Databases/
  3. Pushed this branch as main
  4. Make main as default and protected branch
  5. Unprotect master
  6. Renamed old master as dendron (just in case)- without unprotecting old master I could not rename it.
  7. Remove Dendron specific settings from netlify. Since this time there is netlify.toml so no additional settings needed.

I would say it was pretty smooth transition 😄

Considering migrating PKM Site

My PKM is currently based on Dendron Main appeal of Dendron was local-first. At the same time, it indeed was loosely tied to VSCode editor. Over the years, they had a command line tool to create new notes. Still, its strength always was as a VSCode plugin Then today, I came across Obsidian-Zola It splits the task of taking notes and publishing it. Obsidian for note taking Zola for publishing What I liked about it is Search functionality (To be fair, my current PKM build on Dendron also has it)

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ह्याच्या आधी मी एक micropost देवनागरीत लिहिली होती, नेहेमीप्रमाणे मी ती हेलिक्स मधे लिहीली पण त्यात थोड्या चुका झाल्या होत्या. हेलिक्स टर्मीनल एडिटर असल्यामुळे असेल कदाचित 🤔 नंतर मी ती मार्कडाउन फाइल bbedit मधे उघडून दुरुस्त केली. macOS मधे देवनागरी लिहिण्यासाठी मराठी keyboard च्या ऐवजी Devnagari - QWERTY वापरा. मराठी keyboard शिकण्यापेक्षा transliteration सोपे आहे.

Used Python After Long Time

Today I wrote (OK, copy/pasted sample code and modified) python after more than a year. (Is it a year or an year - confusing. I think either works) I had to start from installing python. Why did I use python ? At work, we are trying to connect to Azure Service Bus over AMQP. Ruby is not officially supported by MS anymore. Python is. But we wanted to try non-azure client.

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Bullshit Jobs

Bullshit Jobs are meaningless jobs. Jobs which if taken away, won’t matter to anyone (Maybe except to the person who is/was in that position) While responding to a listener question, DHH mentioned 1 that it is actually a book, based on a study of such jobs. He mentioned that BigTech TM hires talent so that their competition can not hire the same person, even if the hiring company does not really need the highly talented individual.

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Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

Few of the quotes from this1 interview, Danny Meyers On why someone is motivated (From sports) Likes to beat others 2 - Muhammad Ali Hates to lose - John McEnroe Beat own record - Usain Bolt Everyday is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday Perfection is stupid, receipe for unhappiness [paraphrased] be a 51 percenter. Of total 100 “marks” - 49% are for the technical skills required for the job and other 51% are for “How did you make everyone else feel while doing it?

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