Type accent marks in Wezterm on macOS

The tips from my previous post didn’t quite work while writing the blog post using helix editor. But as much as I can guess, it is a feature of the terminal and not the editor itself. So no point searching “Accent marks in Helix” 😄 Turns out initially1 wezterm didn’t support accent mark without special configuration. ('use_ime = true'), but since then it is enabled by default. Yet, it didn’t work for me.

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Zsh Autosuggestions

I used zsh for couple of years, and then switched to fish mainly for its built-in autocompletion. fish is a modern shell (just like helix) and thus (I think) it does several things differently. For someone using various shells for over 2 decades, resisting muscle memory does not come easy. 1 I was used to export KEY=value, so in fish I always had to look up How to set an environment variable in fish 😆 - even after 2 years.

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Better Git Status With fzf.fish

Towards the beginning of the year, I had written about Fuzzy Search in fish For the better part of the year. I only used Ctrl-R functionality, that too occasionally. Then today, I came across the same again, and after going through the README, I noticed at least one more useful keybinding. git status normally would just list the modified files etc. To see what has changed, one needs to git diff <filename>

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I had installed Wezterm long time ago. I think when I started looking for alternatives to Alacritty. But I settled on kitty (I think I could not get wezterm to work) Few days ago, I stumbled upon it again, and I wanted to give it a try. So these days, I’m using wezterm as terminal. I specifically liked the built-in multiplexing feature. I haven’t tried it yet 🤷‍

Better Tabs Kitty

Some time ago, I started using kitty terminal emulator. I used Alacritty for a long time. But Alacritty is meant to be minimalistic in a sense it does not even have concept of having different tabs. The suggestion/solution is to use tmux (or like) to manage different shell instances. And I did that. And learnt a great deal about tmux in the process. I don’t regret it one bit. But sometimes, tmux gets in a way of how terminal based programs look (and behave) when executed inside tmux.

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Better Icon for Kitty

Official instructions are here but it did not work for me. I did not understand Drag kitty.icns onto the application icon in the kitty info pane part. I tried dragging the icon, but could not make it work. I gave up. I can live with the default icon. But then I came across the following instructions here. Clear instructions that I can execute from inside kitty 😄 cp /tmp/kitty.icns /Applications/kitty.app/Contents/Resources/kitty.icns rm /var/folders/*/*/*/com.

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Fish function to read webpage in Terminal

I’m really digging reading web posts in the terminal. After using it for some time, I realized that typing same arguments after the URL (That I usually copied to the clipboard from some other place) is getting cumbersome. So I created a fish function out of it (If you see yourself doing the same task over and over, it is a good place to automated it) Here is the simple function

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I could not believe myself, that I finally created an IRC account. Lot of people have asked how come I am not on IRC. They told me that we get to interact with smart people on IRC, including creators of great software, libraries, framework. But for some reason, I resisted. It felt complex, compared to modern communities like Telegram, Discord etc. Today someone suggested it again on the Doom Emacs Telegram channel, and this time I decided to give an honest try.

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Icons in Directory Listing

Would you like to see pretty icons in your terminal for directory list ? Then install lsd from here Check this pretty screenshot of lsd --tree In case you are wondering, I’m using nord theme with Alacritty

Tmuxinator: Manage complex tmux sessions easily

After using tmux for a while, I realized that whenever I create new session locally, I end up opening same set of panes. One for work project (Sometimes more than one, but usually one) One for some kind of blog (I have three Hugo projects at this time) One misc. I start this in ~, I use this for running brew commands or standalone python session, or bin/doom sync (which I’ve been doing from inside doom emacs these days, so the last usecase has gone down) Turns out I’m not the only one™️ with such use case.

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