Firefox Reader mode in your Terminal

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying to move to more text based workflows. On that journey, I came across readable which creates a clean version of a webpage, just like Firefox Reader mode would do. But without Firefox. Which means, you can read cleaner website from your terminal (if you want) Read Firefox Reader mode in your Terminal

Fuzzy Search in fish with fzf

I had installed fzf some time ago. But default key ** for invoking fzf did not work with fzf. Upon searching, I came across couple of options. Of those, I chose the one with active development. As of this writing, the last commit was 11 days ago. Very active, I would say. 😄 Installation instruction said fisher install PatrickF1/ but when tried, I got an error: fisher: unknown flag or command "install" 🤔

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